Sunjoong's tools - Who am I

Who's Sunjoong?

My name is Sunjoong Lee. You can call me Simon if Sunjoong be too difficult to remember.
I often write my name Sunjoong LEE but the official one would be Sunjoong Lee, not LEE.
So, I'd like to ask refering my name Sunjoong Lee.

Currently research assistant at Protein Folding Laboratory, Korea Institute for Advanced Study(KIAS,) and PhD student at Hanyang University, major in applied physics. You could get in contack with my email address sunjoong at

What's the Sunjoong's tools?

Sunjoong's tools could point this project itself and/or Sunjoong package in it. This project might have many packages including Sunjoong. While writing a python wrapper of TM-align, named pyTMalign, I though it would be useful if released public. First, I made a common library package, named Sunjoong, might be used by other packages in future, and then completed pyTMalign.

Academic Free License?

A software repository, would support many people could download my package(s) easly, was need. I decided to use The declaration of license was required while project creating process of that. I checked the first item of OSI-Approved Open Source License in the list. That's why I choosed the Academic Free License then at all.

I understood you could download any one of my packages, use it, modify it, and copy it to your firend(s) under that license. I would be happy if you improve my software(s) and notice to me. Thank you for concerns in advance.